Falling Skies, Seasons 1, 2 & 3 (Blu-ray)
6-disc Box Set

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Blu-ray Action Sci-Fi Thriller TV-Series Box

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CastMaxim Knight, Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Seychelle Gabriel, Will Patton, Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Carter, Connor Jessup, Colin Cunningham, Mpho Koaho, Peter Shinkoda, Ryan Robbins, Brad Kelly, Jessy Schram, Doug Jones, Laci J Mailey, Dale Dye, Dylan Authors, Daniyah Ysrayl, Luciana Carro
DirectorGreg Beeman, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Adam Kane, David Solomon, Holly Dale, Fred Toye, Carl Franklin, Anthony Hemingway, John Dahl, Michael Katleman, Seith Mann, Miguel Sapochnik, Jonathan Frakes, James Marshall
MusicNoah Sorota
Running Time1285 min

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VideoWidescreen 1.78:1, 1080p 24fps
AudioEnglish Dolby 5.1 TrueHD
SubtitlesEnglish, French, Spanish
ExtrasSeason 1:
Audio Commentary on 5 Episodes
Featurette: Falling Skies From Pencil to Print (The Dark Horse Comic Book Revealed)
Featurette: Animating the Skitters
Featurette: San Diego Comic Con 2011
Featurette: Behind the Scenes - "The Unknown"
Featurette: Behind the Scenes - "Second Mass"
Unanswered Questions - Season 2 Sneak Peak
Season 2:
Audio Commentary on 4 Episodes
Featurette: One Page at a Time - Writing the Second American Revolution
Featurette: The Skitter Evolution
Featurette: The Fans' Perspective - Touring the Set
Featurette: 2nd Watch - Episode 20: A More Perfect Union
more ...
Season 3:
9 2nd Watch Featurettes, with Wil Wheaton
Featurette: Pope Town
Featurette: The New Charleston
Featurette: Gloria Reuben
Featurette: Doug Jones
Featurette: Shout Out - Two Popes
Featurette: Stunt Man Bradley
Featurette: Warrior Poet - Creating the Character and Emotion of Cochise
Featurette: Karen: The Overlord Next Door