Final Destination Thrill-ogy
4-disc Box Set

Price: 10.50
Horror Thriller Drama Mystery Box

Film Info

CastDevon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Tony Todd, Chad Donella, Seann William Scott, A.J. Cook, Sarah Carter, Erin Ulmer, Frankie Cheeks, Ian McKinley, Kevin Fischer, Wendy Christensen
DirectorJames Wong, David R. Ellis
MusicShirley Walker
Year2000, 2003, 2006
Running Time93, 86 & 89 min

DVD Info

VideoWidescreen, 16x9 Enhanced
AudioEnglish DD5.1 & DTS5.1 (FD2 & 3)
ExtrasFinal Destination 1:
Audio Commentary from James Wong
Deleted scenes
Interviews with cast and crew
Theatrical trailer
Final Destination 2:
Audio Commentary
Deleted and alternative scenes
Featurette: Cheating Death: Beyond And Back
Featurette: Bringing Death To Life
Music videos
Terror gauge
Choose your fate
Fact track
Final Destination 3 - Disc 1:
Audio commentary from James Wong, co-writer Glen Morgan & director of photography Robert Mclachlan
Interactive Feature: Choose-Their-Fate - watch the original theatrical version or a new edition in which you can change the course of the film and the fates of the characters!
Final Destination 3 - Disc 2:
Animated Short: It's All Around You - a look at death statistics
Featurette: Dead Teenager Movie - a look at the teen horror genre
Featurette: Kill Shot - The Making of Final Destination 3
Featurette: Planned Accidents
Deleted Scene: Police Station
Theatrical Trailer