The Sect (Blu-ray)
La Setta
a.k.a. The Devil's Daughter
a.k.a. Demons 4
2-disc KeepCase, inc DVD

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Blu-ray Horror

Film Info

CastKelly Curtis, Herbert Lom, Mariangela Giordano, Michel Adatte, Carla Cassola, Angelika Maria Boeck, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Niels Gullov, Tomas Arana, Donald O'Brien, Yasmine Ussani, Dario Casalini, Paolo Pranzo, Richard Sammel, Ralph Bola Mustapha
DirectorMichele Soavi
MusicPino Donaggio
Running Time116:44

BD Info

VideoWidescreen 1.85:1, 1080p 24fps
AudioPCM2.0: English, German, Italian
ExtrasDisc 1:
German Theatrical Trailer
Italian Theatrical Trailer

Disc 2 (DVD):
(Interviews in Italian)
Interview: On Alchemy and Esotericism, with Michele Soavi
Interview with screenwriter Gianni Romoli
Interview: The Light at the End of the Abyss, with cinematographer Raffaele Mertes
Interview: In the Abyss, with production designer Massimo Antonello Geleng
Interview: The Dario Argento Experience, with composer Pino Donaggio
Interview: Miriam's Baby, with film historian Fabrizio Spurio
Interview: The Treacherous Heart, with Giovanni Lombardo Radice
DistributorKoch Media